Want To Sell Your Home Faster? Try Home Staging!

The Home Staging Process

Home staging tells homeowners how to prepare and market their home for sales in the real estate market. Professional home stagers are professionals that help you in preparing your home for sale. They help you create a very good first impression on potential homebuyers by taking care of your house and its appeal.

Professional home stagers rearrange your homes furniture, making it more organized. They help you redesign your house so that it appeals to potential homebuyers in the market. They can also suggest and in some cases, purchase furniture or fixtures to make your home show its absolute best!

To put it differently, they make your house sellable with their design experience and expertise. Home staging is particularly useful where prices appreciate slowly and finding a buyer takes a lot of time.

The Home Staging Process

The first impression is the key to a good offer (read: high price) and quick sale. Most buyers make up their mind even before entering the house! That is why it becomes so vital to create a winning first impression. A real estate agent may be good at marketing your house, he/she may know what makes it sell but in all probability he may not be able to help you do it. This is where professional home stagers come in. They help you prepare your house for the best first impact.

Zeroing in on a professional home stager is not difficult. You can ask your friends and acquaintances who have recently sold a house for reference. Your real estate agent or company can also help you in this regard. In all probability they might have already utilized the services of the professional home stagers in your area.

Once you have zeroed in on a few home stagers, the next step is to find out the cost. It is always good to get an estimate from a few home stagers. Mostly it is a quick and accurate process. You should then make calculations and comparisons. It is always a good idea to discuss estimates with them before making a final decision.

It is also important to take into account others factors like the state of your home, asking price and average time the houses are on sale before a deal is clinched. Asking price is the most important factor. If the asking price is low, it may not be feasible to hire professional home stager, more so when the higher price is not in tandem with the cost involved. All these factors go a long way in helping you make an informed decision of hiring a professional home stager.

On occasion your real estate agent may also contribute to the charges of your professional home stager. This is done when your real estate agent is convinced that the charges are reasonable and the investment is worthwhile.

Doing It On Your Own

If you don’t want to spend money and hire professionals you can do home staging on your own.

Here are few tips on do-it-yourself home staging:

  1. Clean your house, yard, kitchen bathrooms, drapes, and carpets. Wash the windows.
  2. Make your home organized and less cluttered. This will make your home look neat and spacious. Remove all the unnecessary objects.
  3. Get your home repainted.
  4. Check the floor. It might need refinishing.
  5. Change furniture and fixtures to make your house more appealing. You can buy try borrowing or renting.
  6. Remove unnecessary pictures. Rearrange others.
  7. Redecorate/Remodel the Kitchen and baths.

Home staging can help your house sell faster and at a better price than you probably would be able to without any preparation. The thing to remember is that your home should appeal to a wide variety of buyers.

The best way to do this is to use neutral colors and rich fabrics.